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Digital Transformation is the name given to phenomena of convergence of various kinds of digital technologies.
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American Association of Digital Transformation (AADT) provides business organizations across industries with a comprehensive framework for assessing their level of readiness in realizing their digital transformation goals and certifies them accordingly. The auditors and analysts at AADT are highly experienced and qualified to meticulously assess the digital maturity of organizations and rank them as to where they stand on the spectrum of digital readiness.

Our Statistics in Numbers

We work to make the world digitally ready. Some interesting facts about AADT:

Organizations and universities assessed

Consultants and auditors globally


Business verticals





Businesses which have not yet taken the initiative of developing a digital strategy


This level identifies businesses which have started developing thei


Businesses that have developed an omnichannel experience for their

Digital Organization

Businesses that provide a well developed, seamless Customer experience, Worker

Making an Impact Across the Globe

Digital Transformation is the name given to phenomena of convergence of various kinds of digital technologies — thanks to Moore’s Law, that is fundamentally altering the way business is done from the bottom up and impacting society at large. The ubiquity of digital technologies and processes like Big data, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Digitization, Automation, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Robotics, Cybersecurity and their adoption by competitors has made it imperative for every organization to transform themselves digitally or perish.


The following companies have established themselves as leaders on the digital maturity curve. They are the frontrunners harnessing our digital future.

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